Walcha Show Banner

Stewards and Officials for 2024 Show

Patrons: Peter Sendall and Don Murchie

President: Daniel Kermode
Vice Presidents: Angus Monie, Sam Lisle, Joshua Lockyer, Jock Fletcher, Greig Stier
Secretary: Dale Webber
Treasurer: Bill Fletcher

COVID Safe officer: Greig Stier
Deputy COVID Safe officer: Mark Guyot
Safety Officer: Casper Ozinga
Publicity Officer: Emily Scrivener
Social Media: Dale Webber, Amy Kermode (Facebook)
Public Officer: Dale Webber
Financial Overseer: Sarah Nivison
Chief Ground Steward: Max Ireland
Assistant Ground Steward: Tim Norton
Chief Ring Stewards: Andrew Crawford, Assistant Jim Hunt
Horse Section Post Entries: Penny King, Ruth Fletcher
Announcers: Pippie O’Brien, George Spring, Sam Martin, Guy Lord, Angus Laurie
Horse Section Recorders: Clem O’Gorman, Jill Burnell
Sideshows and Trade Space: Greig Stier, (assisted by Mark Guyot as needed)
Bar: Miles Archdale
Chief Gate Steward: Mitch Crawford, Angus Kirton
Sponsorship Liaison: Jock Fletcher
Facilities Officer: Mark Guyot
Ring Car Stands: Bob Burnell
Waste Management: Henry King, Glen O’Brien
Equipment Officer: Mark Guyot
Show Schedule: Dale Webber (Program), Angus Monie (Advertising)

Horse Jumping: Annyka Overton, Guy Lord
Junior Stock Judging: Jock Fletcher
Stud Cattle: Sam Lisle
Stud Merino Sheep: Jock McLaren
Meat Breed Sheep: Michael Makeham
Live Lambs: Steve Wiggins
Lambs on the Hook: Tim Norton, James Norton
Poultry: Lance Partridge
Pavilion Chief: Charles Street
Wool & Fleece Judging: Paul Pittman,
assistant Josh Lockyer
Farm Produce and Vegetables: Eliza Lockyer
Photography: Sue Harrison and Walcha Photography Club
Woodwork: Charles Koebel
Handicrafts: Helen Mansfield
Knitting: Jennifer Hill
Needlework: Cathy Lisle
Preserves, Jams and Jellies: Audi Dunn
Cooking: Vicki McIvor
Fine Arts: Jess Healey
Horticulture: Phyllis Hoy
Young Woman Competition: Pip Monie

Pet Show: Betsy Norton
Dog Jumping: Charles Norton
Ag Bike Competition: James Tickle
Speed Shear: Tete Petuha
Sports Shear: Karina Partridge
Demolition Derby: Patrick Stace, Assistants~ Ross Fletcher, Matty Green, Kristina Rizzi
Yard Dog Trials: Tony Overton, Lee Fletcher, Kelly Madden
Cattle Dog Challenge: Tony Overton, Angus Laurie

Finance Committee: President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer
Grounds Committee: Max Ireland, Tim Norton, Warwick Fletcher, Angus Monie, Daniel Kermode and Chief Steward of section concerned
Protest Committee: President, 5 Vice Presidents and Chief Steward of the section

1. Stewards must be on the ground to receive exhibits at the hour appointed by the committee.
2. Stewards are responsible for the exhibits being properly classed and all exhibits in each class being placed together ready for judging.
3. Stewards will obtain the award papers from the Secretary and deliver same to the judges and direct them to the exhibits they are appointed to judge.
4. Stewards will remove all unauthorised persons from the vicinity of the judges whilst judging.
5. Stewards will attend on the Judges and will afford them any information required, but will not do or say anything to influence their decision. They must not reveal the name of an exhibitor, or repeat any remarks the Judge may make.
6. Stewards will obtain the award papers from the Judge when filled and signed and deliver same to the Secretary.
7. Stewards will obtain prize cards from the Secretary, write names of prize winners thereon, and affix same to exhibits.
8. Stewards to write out vouchers for cash awards for presentation to the prize winners