The Committee of the Walcha Show Society advise all participants that the 2022 Show is being conducted under COVID-19 restrictions for the protection of all involved. Anyone entering any Show event and onto any part of the show ground during the conducting of the Show agrees that they are to comply with all requests from any member of the committee, and/or their representatives, consistent with the COVID-19 restrictions so imposed.

The Committee shall use their best endeavours to conduct the Show but in the event that because of COVID-19 the Show is cancelled at any time then all participants agree that on such cancellation they shall have no claim against the committee for any alleged loss of any kind whatsoever arising to them and caused by such cancellation.

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The Walcha Show will be a COVID safe event.
We encourage physical distancing, hand and personal hygiene.

Please do not attend the Showground if you are unwell.

Fine Arts

Steward Jess HealeyAssistant Carley McLaren
Exhibits to be at the Pavilion and ready for judging by 10.30am, Thursday March 10.
Entry Fee for all classes 1 to 4: 50c per entry for non-members.
Junior exhibits classes 5 to 9, Entry Free. Must show age of exhibitor.
GENERAL CONDITIONS (Please read carefully)
  • Each work must be the original work of the artist.
  • Framed exhibits must have a secure hanging device for hanging from a hook/s.
  • Please do not use thick cardboard mounts on unframed exhibits.
  • Please show name and address and class number on back of works.
  • Exhibits that have gained first prize at the Walcha Show are not eligible for competition.
Painting, oil or acrylic on canvas or board. Prizes donated by Walcha Gallery of Art
Work on paper, any medium Prizes donated by Walcha Newsagency
Novice, any medium. For exhibitors who have not previously gained a prize in the open section. Prizes donated by Walcha Creative Arts
Open, any subject, any medium Prizes donated by Walcha Gallery of Art
Prizes for Classes 1 to 4: $25 and $15
Champion Prize: $100 donated by Walcha Gallery of Art
6 years and under, any medium. Special prize of art supplies donated by Walcha Pre-School
8 years and under, any medium
12 years and under, any medium
17 years and under, any medium
17 years and under, Three dimensional, any medium
Prizes for Classes 6-9 donated by Mrs Coll King - First $6, second $4
Junior Champion Prize: $40 art materials donated by Stephen and Julia King
Walcha Show 11/12 March 2022 (10/02/2022 20:45:37 )

The National Recovery and Resilience Agency are proud to sponsor the 2022 Walcha Show. As well as supporting all disaster and drought affected communities around Australia recovering from hardship, the Agency combines expertise in natural disaster response, recovery and resilience to support impacted communities, with a strong on-the-ground presence and a guiding principle of locally-led recovery. They also deliver initiatives to reduce risk and lessen the impacts of future shocks.